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My courses are a culmination of my 9 years experience in the ballet industry and with proof in recent statistics, cover all the main pain points for dancers when applying for auditions.

Rebecca Haw, Founder of Audition Educator

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Willow Swinfen-Wilkes

This course has been so helpful, I honestly had very little clue as to how to go about sorting out everything for applications and auditions and Rebecca has been fantastic. Even though I couldn't make it to the sessions in person due to a scheduling clash she has been there with any questions I had after watching the recordings. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone as the information is so up to date and the insight so valuable. Being on the course has also made me feel proactive in sorting out post-graduate life in a world where I felt very lost in how to move forward.

Alice Hunter

Really invaluable advice and help! I feel a lot more relaxed about auditions now and have managed to book auditions despite the pandemic by organising my videos, portfolio and emails according to Rebecca‘s advice. It was so much more up-to-date and accurate.In school, the teachers try their best but most of them haven’t been to an audition in 20 years! That‘s why it’s really worthwhile to get Rebecca‘s advice from the point of view of someone in the industry.

 Chloe Horton

"After already going through one audition season last year, this really helped me to realise where I had made mistakes and allowed me to learn from them. I now feel better prepared to tackle the upcoming audition season and have gained so much valuable information on everything from applying, auditioning and everything in between. The course is set out in a professional manner and everything from the background to the slideshows were cohesive which made the information come across very well."

Mia Stapleton

It was amazing to get so much relevant knowledge from such a successful professional dancer who is so open and honest about the realities of auditioning in this day and age- and it was comforting to hear not only her success stories but her anecdotes where auditions haven't gone perfectly and rejections. Rebecca was so helpful and down to earth throughout the whole course and I have definitely learned so much about auditions that they simply do not tell you at school. I also know that I have someone I can rely on for help taking the next steps in my career and that I will continue to be supported even now the course has come to an end.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for any dancer in their final years of vocational training aiming to have a career as a professional ballet dancer or a current professional looking for their next move and feeling out of the loop. I recommend 17years+, the earlier the better.

Who will be teaching the course?

I will! Rebecca Haw, professional ballerina at Semperoper Ballett, two time business founder and contributor for one of Britain's leading dance magazines the Wonderful World of Dance.

How do I know if this course is for me?

You might find your school not focusing on life after graduation (that's an issue for another day), have graduated without an idea of what to do next, or you would just like to be educated by a current professional in an up-to-date manor.

Will the course be live?

It won't be, however there is a monthly live Q&A exclusively for course attendees. As a professional still in the industry my schedule doesn't allow it at this time which is how the course information is so relevant and up-to-date.

What does this course cover?

In short, everything. For a more in depth idea of all the topics covered, check out the course page for a full module list.

Will there still be jobs in classical ballet after the pandemic?

YES! I am exhibit A, although the industry has been hit hard this year it is slowly opening up again in different countries around the world and hiring has been happening throughout the past year so fear not.

Will this course ensure me a job?

No, only you can do that. It will educate you in all the ways possible to get a job and put you in great stead when applying for them and going forward.

Where does the course information come from?

I have been a professional for 9 years and in that time have made every mistake there is to make whilst auditioning, paired with my huge network of dancers and directors constantly finding out their pain points and solutions. My testimonials speak for themselves.


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