Ballet Dancer

My courses are a culmination of my 8 years experience in the ballet industry and with proof in recent statisticsI cover all the main pain points for dancers when applying for auditions.

Ballet Dancer


With my own experiences in auditioning, these statistics and with special advisement I aim to carve a far more pleasant path for dancers in our industry to find employment.

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who is this course aimed at?

This course is for any dancer in their final years of vocational training aiming to have a career as a professional ballet dancer or a current professional looking for their next move and feeling out of the loop. I recommend 17years+, the earlier the better.


how do I know if this course is for me?

You might find your school not focusing on life after graduation (that's an issue for another day), or you would just like to be educated by a current professional in an up-to-date manor.

what does this course cover?

In short, everything. For a more in depth idea of all the topics covered, check out the course page for a full module list.

Will this course ensure me a job?

No, only you can do that. It will educate you in all the ways possible so you are free to grab that contract when the opportunity arises or is created.

who will be teaching the course?

I will! Rebecca Haw, professional ballerina at Semperoper Ballett, Founder of CODA, Youtuber and content creator for one of Britain's leading dance magazines the Wonderful World of Dance.

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Moorland Ballet

We would like to express our gratitude to Professional Dancer, Becca Haw. Such wonderful insight and teaching throughout the Summer Intensive! Thank you for your generosity to share such wisdom and experience with aspiring students, who learnt so much and had an extremely positive experience. We wish you well for the upcoming seasons and look forward to working together again in the future!

Professional Dancer

Brava Becca, sharing stories and helping aspiring dancers 💯 becoming a 'ballerina' is not always sunshine and rainbows.

Audition Educator Course Client

Prior to christmas last year my confidence trying to apply for places was very low. I felt like I knew nothing about what to send out there and the more I thought about the less it made me want to apply for places. But now I feel like I have everything I need to feel confident in myself and my abilities to put the right things out there to be noticed. I loved everything. There was so much useful information that I struggled to write it all down quick enough!

Semperoper Ballett

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