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Updated: May 7, 2020

Like everything in life if your told you can't have something, you want it, if you're told 'don't touch that plate it's hot' you touch it, just to test it. We've all done it. So I find the only way I really stick to a food swaps is not to cut it out completely, if I know somethings available to me if I want it and it's then my choice not to have it I find I stick to it.

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Sugar swaps I've made so far:

1. Sweeteners in tea. I drink a lot of tea and I used to have two sugars in each (at least 4 cups a day). So swapping to sweeteners means I'm cutting at least 8 teaspoons of sugar out of my diet a day. Coming in at a minimum of 33.6g of sugar I have no idea why I haven't done it sooner! I'm not a huge fan of stevia because of the aftertaste but I've been getting along well with Sweetex Sweeteners. In a handy clicker container it's very compact and convenient, I keep one in my handbag so I have it wherever I go.

2. Using xylitol as an exact sugar substitute. Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol that is extracted from birch wood. It looks exactly like sugar so you can use it in hot drinks as you would sugar and apparently you can bake with it also. I'm still researching quantities and effects but once I've done a few baking experiments il publish some xylitol substituted recipes.

3. Peppersmith chewing gum, made with 100% xylitol which is proven to reduce plaque, completely sugar free and approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. In some countries children are actually given it to chew on after mealtimes as it kills sugar cravings and keeps teeth healthy.

4. Chocolate, another food I eat a lot of, and I mean a lot, which is full of sugar. My favourite being Dairy Milk which at 56.0g of sugar per 100g is outrageous but also probably why it tastes so good. I searched high and low for a sugar free or alternatively sweetened chocolate and I've now stuck with a brand called Perlége. Produced in Belgium and sweetened with stevia plant their milk chocolate bar contains a minimum of 57.5% cocoa solids and contains only 10.4g of sugars per 100g. At 85g a bar it's also a decent size bar of chocolate priced at £2.00. Most I tried were a measly 40g for the same price. With a variety of flavours and no aftertaste it's a winner, my favourite so far is the milk chocolate with cinnamon.

Special recommendation: I don't have ice cream all that often but if you do want to try a healthy alternative I couldn't recommend Oppo Ice-cream highly enough! Featured on Dragons Den but rejected due to thoughts that it has an aftertaste, I don't think it does and with 7.4g of carbs of which sugars 6.2g and only 3.9g of fat per 100ml (2 scoops) it's extremely hard not to eat the whole tub in one sitting. Fab flavours too, my favourite is the Salted Caramel.

Try some of your own these are just my recommendations, I won't cut sugar out completely but making some daily swaps can really make a big difference and then you can keep the rest for a real treat once or twice a week, best of both worlds!


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