My Favourite Summer Spritzer

Updated: May 7, 2020

Elderflower and Mint Spritzer

All you'll need is:

Elderflower cordial

Sparkling water

Fresh mint


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Start with the fresh mint, lay 4 or 5 fairly large leaves flat in one hand then sharply clap your other hand to it. This releases the mint flavour without releasing the bitterness from inside the veins or lamina. Put those into the bottom of the glass, next fill the glass with ice cubes, for quantities of the cordial please check the bottle as some may be stronger than others but I usually make 1 part cordial 3 parts sparkling water. Once added, top up with sparkling water. Finally add a sprig of mint for extra flavour and decoration.

This is also perfect for sharing, you could make a jug of it for friends or company.

Make it alcoholic! Adding a measure of gin to this would make an extremely refreshing cocktail, perfect for this hot weather.


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