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Updated: May 7, 2020

During a busy week, getting home after 8 hours of rehearsals I can tend to do the cliche thing of arriving home, slumping on the sofa/in the bath, snacking until 9pm, then either ordering in or whipping up something super fast that's not awfully tasty or nutrient dense just so that I've had some sort of a dinner. Sound familiar?

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So, on a Sunday (or whichever day off I have that week) if I can I like to try and prepare a selection of different meals for all times of the day so that I refrain from doing all of the above!

Now, when I say meal prep I definately do not mean 6 hideously similar Tupperware's lined up with a flavourless chicken breast in each and a side of steamed veg (If that is you, great! It's just not me), I mean a couple of options of different cuisines or flavours that vary in nutritional values, I also tend to make things that can mix and match so that I can always change it up depending on what I fancy!

About a year ago I made an unconscious change in my regular diet, I found I was eating way less meat than I used to as whenever I did I would feel fairly inflamed the next day. After more research I actually realised that wasn't uncommon but as I had already subconsciously made the change I wasn't missing anything and it didn't feel like a big deal. Considering I have always been such a carnivore this was quite a surprise even to myself! So speeding forward to today, I only really eat meat if I am home/travelling in the holidays or if I'm eating out. Other than that, certainly whilst I'm training I rarely have meat at all now! With that, everything below is predominantly vegan, but certainly vegetarian, soy and lactose free (as I am intolerant).

This Sunday I made, Chocolate and Cashew Granola. This usually makes enough for about a month as I have it for breakfast on weekdays with lactose free yogurt and some honey or golden syrup.


Raw Cacoa



Chopped Almonds


Popped Quinoa

Chocolate Chips

A Halloumi and Potato Curry which made 4 portions, two for the freezer. It's has quite a lot in it so I can either have it as it is or have it with rice if I'm extra hungry!

New Potatoes

Grilled Halloumi

Butter Beans


Ground Hazelnuts

Homemade Sweet and Sour Sauce to keep in a jar in the fridge. I'll put this with sweet potato or egg fried rice or just use it to dip the lentil falafels into.


Tomato Paste

Pineapple Juice

Worcestershire Sauce





Red Lentil Falafels x18 balls, half of which I will freeze. I'll eat these hot or cold, perfect to take to work for lunch or stir them into a pasta dish.

Red Lentils

Olive Oil Coconut Flour Brown Rice Flour Tomato Paste Honey Turmeric

Homemade Guacamole, again a jar for the fridge. I keep pumpernickel or rye bread in the cupboard or freezer so that if I haven't got something for lunch I'll take these separately and assemble at work for a zero effort but good for me lunch.



Chilli Salt

Garlic Olive Oil

Banana Buns, a great little mid morning/afternoon snack. I classic recipe, one of my mum's!


Eggs Bananas Almond Milk

This week for smoothies I have an odd selection but i just tend to chuck anything in. Recently I have been

taking one to work each day. They've been perfect for those 10 minute break when you need some sugar but don't want to get a stitch when you get back into rehearsal.






White Necterines


Hemp Protein Powder

Maca Powder

In my freezer I have 2 portions of Mushroom Bolognaise and a frozen pizza, naturally. In my cupboards I keep a selection of pastas, pulses, beans and rices ready to pair with whatever I fancy.

I will be writing separate posts for each of these full recipes so look out for those if you're interested!


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