3 Apps That Have Motivated Me To Exercise

I realise that as a professional ballerina, exercise is a whole hunk of my job but it’s when I’m not working I struggle to be bothered to exercise. Here are 3 apps that have helped my lazy ass do some.

  1. Shreddy

If you’re not bothered with the whole influencer industry (which is fine) you may not have heard of influencer turned entrepreneur Grace Beverly until recently when she appeared in Forbes 30 under 30. She’s 23! As she was finishing her degree at Oxford University she founded 3 businesses in the fitness and sustainability sectors. B_ND (originally GraceFit) fitness gear, bestselling resistance bands. Tala, sustainable fit wear and more recently, off the back of B_ND was Shreddy, exercise app. All filling gaps in their markets and filling them well! I won’t gush about Grace too much as her work speaks for itself but with regards to her fitness app she’s built a community and hub for exercising that seems to be unrivalled in what it does for women (I’m sure some men too). Her plans are completely adaptable with your schedule, location (gym/home) and eating habits. Whilst I don’t follow the meal plan strictly I do use it for inspiration, her recently launched Shreddy10 and Shreddy20 is the perfect answer for my cba attitude to mundain exercise. I do my 10 or 20 minutes and I’m done for the day, like a plaster, quick and painful!

2. Nike Training

I don’t have loads to say about this one but it’s another great no bull fitness app. Get in, do your thing and get out. There are reward systems, milestones etc that I don’t personally bother with but friends of mine do. You can also run your own music from another app in the background.

3. Pop Sugar

Technically not an app but a YouTube channel, with hundreds of workout videos all for free. Now as expressed above I can be rather lazy when it comes to non work related exercise so if I’m going to commit to 30 minutes or an hour then you bet I’m only going to do it if I’m having a good time. Personally I use Pop Sugar for the dance/Zumba style classes. The music keeps you going, the trainers are enthusiastic but not annoying and as I’m kind of dancing it doesn’t really feel like exercise.

All 3 have comprehensive instruction videos for each exercises and time stamps, breaks integrated into the workouts. Happy exercising!


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