A Weekend in Barcelona Itinerary and Tips

The last time I was in Barcelona I was 16, that's 10 years ago!!! So this was a relatively different experience. I had 2 days/3 nights to cram in what I could. I went with a friend of mine, Ms. Amy Bale, with regards to food we ate at places that were recommended to us by friends but with regards to sightseeing we went off the cuff really just deciding in the moment or stumbling upon a work of Gaudi's and deciding to take a tour!

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Places to eat:

Paella - Pez Vela (This place you'll want to go twice, it's that good!)

Bouji Tapas - Gourmet Tapas by Sensi (the Sensi Group now have 4 restaurants ranging from a quick bite/bar to the gourmet restaurant we ate in, so great for different time frames or pricing).

Other food recommendations: Sensi Bistro, Cervecería Catalana and Tantarantana.

I must add the olives in the Bar at the Castel de Montjuic are to die for!

Sight seeing:

We bought tickets for the Barcelona Bus Turistic just to have a hop on hop off situation that was quick and easy. However, it didn't turn out completely nessesary as we bought 2 days, only used one, only used 1 of the 3 routes and even then it took a while. In the centre of Barcelona it's easy to walk everywhere (in fact the best advice is to get lost in the centre to come across the best bits) and for anything a little further, the metro system is good.

Recommend - Casa Batlló, for the Basilica take a guided tour it's well worth the price.

Top Tips:

Metro - tickets and routes.

Get the 10 trip ticket called T-Casual for Zone 1, that is probably all you'll need for €11.35. Uber is also reliable and reasonable in Barcelona even to and from the airport.

Queuing for Casa Batlló - If you haven't booked online, we booked there and then on our phones outside the museum and then skipped the ticket queue.

Advanced booking for Basilica - Book in advanced! At least a week if possible. If you don't or forget fear not, take a walk around the outside of the building and you will no doubt be approached my local travel agencies who have their own set of pre-bought tickets and sell them as guided tours or as part of packages. The downside of this is that they up-sell so obviously you pay a bit more but if I hadn't I wouldn't have gotten in.

Monthuïc Castel - If you happened to be there on a Sunday afternoon, entry is free after 15:00. Fear not there is a cable car up and down most of the mountain. We only took it down and it was a sweaty, meandering walk up.

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