Christmas Gift Guide!

Merry December everyone!

I have put together for you the perfect gift guide for this year and got you as many discounts as I could! I have categorised it according to types of friends and family (it makes sense I promise) so I hope I've covered all bases!

The Grandparents - Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers do the most wonderful iced biscuits in all shapes and sizes AND themes. Now the Christmas ones are just the cutest. They have all the gingerbread men (which they call Jolly Gingers), and boxes of The Snowman, Christmas Markets and Lapland! I sent my Grandma and Grandad the Queen Jolly Ginger and the Ginger Santa Jolly Ginger. *For 15% off follow this link to make your order or mention 'Rebecca Haw' at the checkout where it says 'Been referred by a friend'!

The fitspo/loungewear friend - TALA

If you don’t know TALA, get to know it. Founded by entrepreneur Grace Beverly, TALA is a sustainable fitwear brand with products made from 100% recycled materials. They started with predominately fit wear and have spanned it with loungewear and lifestyle bits also. My recent purchases were the Haize Windbreaker in both colours, the Eden Zip Top and the Leaf Face Cloth (removes make-up with just water!). The brand is super inclusive, forward thinking and so everything I've had so far is just so damn flattering and comfy. *For 10% off follow this link to make your order or mention 'Rebecca Haw' at the checkout.

The Parents - Soundwave Print, ThoughtfulKeepsakeCo,Etsy

This year I was struggling with what to get my Dad until I found this! After many a search on Etsy I landed on the ThoughtfulKeepsakeCo and I have had a sound wave print made. You place your order, personalising your text, colours etc. Then email in your sound or video (they will convert it), I chose a clip of the waves where we holiday as a family. You then get sent a proof copy before it's made and you also get sent a personal QR code for the recipient to play anytime, forever! It's something very personal, a keepsake, a memory and he can put it in his office and play it whenever he likes.

The Jaded Ballerina - CODA Apparel

Now I realise this is a niche for most but as I am a ballerina most of my readers know some. It's also a major shameless plug as this is my apparel brand! Sorry not sorry. I put funny and relatable memes, quotes, thoughts onto apparel for the ballet folk. All very true but for Christmas I do believe my Cracking Nuts range pleases most. I even have Nutcracker themed face coverings! *You can take a look here and for 20% off use code 'BLOGPOST20'.

For the good hearted - Advent of Change

So this is what I bought my sister last Christmas but the brand has expanded even more with much more available. Advent of Change is the most heart warming gesture toward the gift of giving, they started with advent calendars but have all sorts now, even Christmas crackers! Basically by purchasing one of their products you supports a selection of charities all at ones. So for example you open a door on the calendar and it will tell you what or who you have helped with that day. Day 1 this year was helping a girl in Columbia to have a bicycle to get to school through World Bicycle Relief. I mean what better feeling for both parties around Christmas. You can check out their site here and do some good this Christmas.

The Siblings - Homemade Lyric Print

Ok so I'm hoping neither of them are reading this (if you are guys scroll on please)! I feel like in every relationship whether it's a sibling or a friend, whoever, everyone has memories around particular songs or a song reminds you of them, something like that. So I designed prints of song lyrics for each of them, for my sister something that's fun and reminds me of her vibe and for my brother it's a rap that is from a famous song but is rapped in Gavin and Stacey (which we frequent repeat together). I designed them on Canva (free to use) and then printed them and popped them in frames. Another super personal gift that you just couldn't buy.

For the Brit who can’t get home - British Corner Shop

And finally, the holy grail for any brit abroad. I am in my 8th year living abroad now and I

have had a few packages from the British Corner Shop having just done my Christmas shop last week, arriving soon, it's a god send! It's basically an online supermarket for brits abroad, they deliver to all corners of the earth and have mostly everything you miss from home (what they don't have they take suggestions but I haven't come across something I need to recommend yet). Waitrose is their basics stockist but they have all the classics, Heinz Spaghetti Hoops, Quavers, Quality Street tubs, Marmite, Crumpets, I could go on and on but you get the gist (who the eff knew gist was spelt gist not jist!?). *If you would like a recommended link drop me your email here with the subject 'British Corner Shop' and I will send that over to you (limited number available).

So that's all folks, I hope theres some ideas and Inso there for you and let me know if you try any of them and what you thought!?

Merry Christmas!

Becca x

*Any links marked with an * means that it is either an affiliate link or it is part of a mention me program. In both instances I would receive a similar discount as you or value in reward points etc. at no extra cost to you as the consumer.

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