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Manifestations, dreams, whatever you want to call them. They do come true, but not in the way we think or might expect. Whatever it is that we want or desire if we are resilient and patient enough to wait for it whilst BUILDING it, it will happen.

This month I hit one of my 10 year goals! Yes, this has been on my 10 year plan list since I started writing them. I have been featured in this months Dancing Times! And not just a feature, it's a full interview that made the cover.

I talk about my new business the Audition Educator, my journey auditioning as a dancer which reveals why I launched this business in particular to fill a major gap in our industry.

I hope you enjoy the read and spread the word to anyone who may benefit from the Audition Educator, I aim to make a difference.

Becca x

Semperoper Ballett

Theaterplatz 2





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