The Audition Educator!!!

I am so excited to announce the official launch of the Audition Educator! For the past few months (and many years prior) I have been working on fixing a major gap in our industry regarding audition education. I have always felt a lack of guidance for dancers taking on this crucial aspect of our professional lives, whether that’s in school or re-auditioning as a professional.

These courses are a culmination of my 8 years experience in the professional classical industry. I have collected statistics from dancers revealing exactly what I thought to be true, 85% of dancers said they didn’t have enough guidance when auditioning, with 46% saying they found it slightly terrifying and anxiety-inducing and 16% saying if they had to do it again they would avoid it at all costs. With my own experiences and the statistics I have gathered, I have addressed every major pain point dancers face during their audition processes.

Here is a link to the full article:

To read testimonials, statistics or more about the courses, modules and how to join in click here to go to the courses section of my website.

Becca x

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