You've Never Been Somewhere So Beaut, Malvern

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

There’s no shortage of idyllic towns in the UK but this one is just too perfect. In one of

the less explored parts of England (I would say) Malvern belonging to the county of Worcestershire is also home to the Malvern Hills bordering Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

My sister has lived in Malvern for the past six years and on the regrettably few occasions I have visited her there (due to us living in different countries) I never fail to succumb to it’s cute sense of quintessential self. It’s packed with trinket shops and artisanal bakeries, the high street set on a steep hill is home to the Enigma Fountain, a spring water fountain fresh from the Malvern Hills. A pub called The Unicorn, named so far before unicorns became so popular, great restaurants and of course walks on the Malvern Hills.

Here’s what I did on this visit…

We started with a walk through the highstreet stopping off at Hunky Dorey, serving upcycled and vintage clothing and gifts. I came out with a gorgeous pair of white leather vintage driving gloves and Austin & Co, a combination of dog bits and bobs and cool stationary (it works I promise!). To name a few.

Keri (my sister) had made us a reservation at Terrace on the Hill. Still serving brunch but with a lunch menu you that tears you up with indecisiveness. I went for the Chicken and Sage Carbonara and a cupcake for pud! Neither disappointed, very ‘main meal’ portions too.

Strolling back down the hill we stopped at the Enigma Fountain where locals fill up their glass water bottles we entered the church gardens and walked back through the Priory Park. Clearly a hub for all locals big or small to hang out in whichever manner they please.

The afternoon took us to the hills! We took the British Camp route, so named as it was a fort thought to have been built in the 2nd Century BC. Littered with ancient milestones and hints to the world it once was and the views are unfathomable. Also most pleasing is the strategically placed Malvern Hills Hotel and Restaurant at the foot of the walk waiting practically with a Pimms in hand as your reward for a walk well done.

Bring your mad clutch control.


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