The ultimate dancers guide to CVs. All the dos and don'ts of what to put on and what to leave out. Complete with the perfect CV template to ensure the director/reader gets to see everything in one neat package! What to put on a CV is still the highest asked question from students and professionals today, so with this nifty eBook I have answeard everyones wishes. 


A 'how to' for nailing your portfolio photographs. In this eBook I delve deep into what poses you should do, what to wear, what directors want and loads more. Another topic in the ballet indusry surrounded with mistique and confusion, all clarrified here.


Everything you need to know about audition reels, explained! A more recent topic of confusion and concern in the ballet industry but in recent years, and with the events of 2020, even more imperative now is what to put on an audition reel. I talk about, what companies want to see, how to film it and much more good stuff.


With special credits to Matz Skoog.

Application eBook Bundle

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