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Please find listed services that Rebecca and/or her businesses provide.

Keynotes and Masterclasses

As a seasoned professional in classical ballet, Rebecca offers keynotes and masterclasses with focuses around auditioning, professionalism, business accruement, and artist marketing. With extensive experience, Rebecca shares her expertise to educate aspiring dancers and artists succeed in their careers.


CODA Classical's recruitment services for classical ballet are dedicated to helping top establishments, companies and schools find their best fit of dancers in the industry. With our extensive network, expertise in the field and efficient use of technology and processes, we connect exceptional dancers with the employers who seek them.


Design and Branding Services

CODA Digital is a boutique design agency with a focus on branding for the classical world. Masters in our craft, we connect artists, performers and houses digitally to the audiences they seek.


Panel Adjudication

As a professional offering audition panel adjudication, Rebecca lends a unique eye to the duty with an onus on the larger context. Evaluating dancers not only based on their individual skills and abilities, but including factors such as the performer's potential to work well with others, speed of learning and retention, their ability to adapt to different styles or genres, and their overall contribution to the success of a company, goal or production.


Concept Consulting

Entails working with clients to develop and refine creative ideas, advising on how to effectively translate these ideas into a tangible form, helping to achieve their artistic vision while retaining brand and goals.


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