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CODA Classical

Recruitment and representation agency for classical ballet.

2022 - present day

Audition Educator

Educational resources for classical dancers auditioning.

2020 - present day

CODA Digital

A boutique digital marketing agency for the classical world.

2017 - present day

Classical Ballet

Semperoper Ballett

Corps de Ballet 2017 - present day

Romanian National Ballet

First Artist 2013 - 2014

Corps de Ballet 2014 - 2016



Roseline, Romeo and Juliet, David Dawson (Raphael Commes-Marquet, Christiane Marchant) 

Mother of the Bride, Trolls, Peer Gynt, Johan Inger

Big Swans, Swan Lake, Aaron Watkin (Carmen Piqueras, Sofianne Sylve)
Pas d’Action, Solo Harensdamen, La Bayadere, Aaron Watkin (Carmen Piqueras, Raphael Commes-Marquet)
Bonnie Meurice, Impressing the Czar, William Forsythe (Kathryn Bennetts, Carmen Piqueras)
Arabian Princess, Mrs Stahlbaun, Spanish Dance Demi Soloist, The Nutcracker, Aaron Watkin & Mezincescu (Corina Dumistrescu, Carmen Piqueras, Laura Graham, Marcelo Gomes)
Madame, Manon, Kenneth Macmillan (Karl Burnett, Carmen Piqueras, Corina Dumitrescu)
2nd Movement Demi Soloist, Symphony in C, George Balanchine (Merrill Ashley, Carmen Piqueras)
Queen of the Willis, Giselle, Johan Kobborg/Ethan Stiefel
Queen of the Dryads, Toreador’s Girlfriend, Don Quixote, Petipa/Gorsky (Johan Kobborg, Corina Dumitrescu)
First Sylphide, La Sylphide, Johan Kobborg (Alina Kojocaru, Johan Kobborg)
Odalisques, Solo Flower Girl, Le Corsaire, Medvedev (Corina Dumitrescu)
Queen Mother, Snow White, Valkay (Corina Dumitrescu)
Fairy God Mother, Cinderella, Mihai Babushka
The Beautiful Eleanor, Faust, Mezincescu (Florica Stanescu)

Corps de Ballet

Black Swans, Swans, Spanish Dance, Ensemble Swans, Swan Lake, Aaron Watkin & George Iancu (Carmen Piqueras, Corina Dumitrescu) Cow, Alexander Ekman (Rebecca Gladstone)
Cigarerras, Carmen Johan Inger (Urtzi Aranburu)
Phlegmatic, The Four Temperaments, George Balanchine (Nanette Gloushak, Carmen Piqueras)
Shades, La Bayadere, Aaron Watkin & Mihai Babushka (Carmen Piqueras, Florica Stanescu)
Heatscape, Justin Peck (Jeanette Delgado, Patricia Delgado)
Waltz of the Flowers, Nymphs, Polonaise, Sleeping Beauty, Aaron Watkin (Carmen Piqueras)
Auction, Bongo Bongo, Impressing the Czar, William Forsythe (Kathryn Bennetts, Carmen Piqueras)
Icicles, Snowflakes, Stars, Waltz of the Flowers, The Nutcracker, Aaron Watkin & Mezincescu (Carmen Piqueras, Florica Stanescu) Towns Ladies, Manon, Kenneth Macmillan (Karl Burnett, Bruce Samson, Raphael Commes-Marquet)
1st Movement Ensemble, Symphony in C, George Balanchine (Stacey Caddell, Carmen Piqueras)
Willis, Giselle, Kobborg/Stiefel & Mihai Babushka (Florica Stanescu)
4 Couples, Classical Symphony, Yuri Possokhov (Gennadi Nedvigin)
4 Couples Concerto DSCH, Alexei Ratmanksy
Fairies, The Dream, Ashton (Christpher Carr, Patricia Tierney)
Dryads, Don Quixote, Petipa/Gorsky (Florica Stanescu)
Ensemble Sylphide, La Sylphide, Johan Kobborg (Florica Stanescu)
Girlfriends, La Fille Mal Gardé, Frederick Ashton
Slaves, Le Corsaire, Medvedev (Corina Dumitrescu)
Tango, Edward Clug (Clorina Dumitrescu)


The Ballet Advantage

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The Confident Dancer: What They Don't Tell You About Auditioning for Ballet Companies

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Audition Chats


The Wonderful World of Dance

Contributor 2018 - Present Day


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Documentary Series: Ballet School

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How Brexit has changed working in Europe for British Dancers

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Semperoper Dresden Dancer Rebecca Haw on Founding a Classical Ballet Agency

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